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لا مفر وقصص أخرى حمزة الحويتي

حمزة الحويطي كاتب وقاص مغربي كاتب كان له السبق في النشر معنا

no escape (Arabic version)historical fiction
strange, strange mirror, from another world ..
The house plays a mysterious game ..
Easy question, can you answer it ??
And someone sold himself to a satanic ritual ..
Sad people ..
Thief graves, what secret ??

A mysterious book, everyone wants it ..

And full revenge ..
Not treasures, kidnapped children syphilis .., what story ?? ”

All the adventures we will share together in this booklet, hold my hand to start the adventure ..
Of course I want you only lives ..
Are you ready? We go ??
Come on then ..

لا مفر وقصص أخرى حمزة الحويتي

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